With news of the impending storm being as dramatic as it was on Tuesday, we were given the option of working from home yesterday… Which I did. So it wasn’t until about 7:00 PM that I bundled up and grabbed the camera to venture out. Well, it turned out to be quite a bit wetter and messier than I expected. I ended up only going about five blocks from home before I was soaked, cold, and my camera was blanketed in droplets of water and ice crystals.

This shot of my block is one of the final ones before I bailed and came in from the cold. I posted a few other shots from my walk on flickr.

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One Response to “Snow-riffic”

  1. faisal says:

    it was a bit of a let down really… Snowmageddon it wasnt… I hope we get a REAL storm before the season is over.