New York City is so filled with iconic images and shots no matter where you wander around. Sometimes you just have to take a crack at a scene that has been photographed millions of times. This scene looking across the pond. Even though millions of visitors walk by the water’s edge each year, you can still find a sense of solitude.

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6 Responses to “Pond”

  1. frankdejol says:

    I like it. Great night b/w.

  2. A beautiful shot as usual, very evocative. And I was surprised to see Philip Johnson's "Chippendale" AT&T (now Sony) building in the background. I didn't know exactly where it is.

  3. Ken says:

    A great combo of blacks and whites. Just the right amount for balance.

  4. Otto K. says:

    lovely night B&W city view.

  5. Turfdigger says:

    I keep returning to this image – such subtlety of muted monochrome…transporting. This makes me want to capture Beantown in a similar light – here's to influences and creativity!!