High Line Concorde
I am excited to announce that on Monday, September 29th this image along with another will be shown in the EYE’EM Mobile Photography Exhibition at the OpenHouse Gallery in SoHo. I am going to be included in an area called Local Heroes which will be featuring images from New York based mobile phone photographers that have had impact on the local scene. I am quite honored to be included.

This marks a definite shift in where my focus on photography has been of late. I do still love taking my DSLR and lenses out on the town for an evening of shooting, but I find I have less and less time to do so. At the same time I find that because I carry my iPhone everywhere I go (even to bed at night where it is my alarm clock), I am easily shooting 800-1,000 photos per month with the phone. As the camera quality has improved with each new version of the iPhone, my images are getting better and better. I don’t know where the mobile phone photography movement is headed, but it is definitely beginning to make a mark on the world of photography, and the world is taking notice.

I launced my other site iPhoneographyNYC in early September last year, and it has taken off. I have more than 200 followers on Tumblr, and my feedback has been incredible. Based on that feedback, it only makes sense to focus on the iPhoneography.

That said, I do not know where 24gotham is headed. I not ready or willing to retire the site, I do still want to post DSLR images to it, but my time is such that I just cannot keep the commitment of 15-20 min a day creating and updating posts. Lately, I am lucky to get out and shoot with the DSLR one night a month. I also have to accept that my readership peaked in 2008 and has been on a slow steady decline ever since. For the time being, I will try to post a few images a month here. You can keep up with them by subscribing (the big red button top right). A big thank you to all that have kept and continue to keep me going with this.


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7 Responses to “High Line Concorde”

  1. Bob says:

    Congrats Devyn, that is a great shot regardless of equipment used to make it!

  2. frankdejol says:

    Excellent photo and congratulations.
    Unfortunately I will not to be on this exhibition, for geographical reasons 😉

  3. Fred King says:

    I enjoy your work regardless of the type of equipment you use. It's really your eyes and artistic sensibility that comes through in your photos.

  4. Ken says:

    Devyn! Terrific! What fun and definitely you deserve all the praise! You are a great photographer!

  5. I didn't get around to commenting on this when I first saw it. Very, very cool!

  6. bryan says:

    great blur effect what did you use to make it

  7. great effect, i like this treatment, well done !