Empty Yet Full
It’s been a while since I did a post…. A long long long while. I have been on the fence about what I should do with this site as I have clearly made the shift to iPhone photography and my iPhoneographyNYC site is going along smoothly. In addition, my participation in the instragram community (I have nearly 1,000 followers in the ten weeks since joining) has only propelled my work. As instagram is an iPhone only app, you can view my posts on the web via Webstragram. To date I have shot more than 21,000 photos on my iPhone… Meanwhile my DSLR sits on a shelf collecting dust. I haven’t given up on the fancy equipment, but life is just too busy to take the time for devoted photo walks as I used to do, and I always have my iPhone with me.

In the meantime, this shot taken in Lower Manhattan on the 1 Train at South Ferry is one of my recent favorites. Expect to see a shift in how my sites are set up over the next few months. The domain 24gotham will not be going away, but it may become a portal to my body of work.

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3 Responses to “Empty Yet Full”

  1. faisal says:

    *im still here*. nice to see updates here. 🙂

  2. wvallen says:

    great shot. i'm glad to see an update here too!

  3. Otto K. says:

    I can see why it's one of your faves. Wonderful colors.